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For Honor
Picture yourself in France in the time of the musketeers, when your honor is who you are. Meet the musketeers. Laugh with them; ride with them; fight for your life with them. Weep with them. It's 1638.
Circumstances conspire to plunge the young lady, a master fencer, into the fateful position of saving France from the traitor.

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NEW book, Righting Time,

What would you do if you were a time traveler and you made a terrible mistake?

What if that mistake is destroying your own history and your only hope is to convince 17th-century musketeers to travel forward in time and set events right?

Gambit For Love of a Queen - Historical Fiction

It's 1639 in the time of King Louis XIII of France. There is absolutely no doubt in Laurel's mind ---Laurel, the secret leader of France's spy network---that he would plunge France into another devastating war when he learns Queen Anne has been kidnapped.
Hear the clash of swords. Feel the pain of their thru
sts. Fight alongside the musketeers and Laurel, and find the queen, and get her out, at all cost, and what costs. God may save the queen. But who will save the heroes?


President Ronald Reagan. (2/6/1911 - 6/5/2004)
Page 29 of 1928 senior Dixon High School yearbook below.

Presented by Kat Jaske, author of For Honor and more books. Her family has her grandfather's signed 1928 Dixonian Dixon High School yearbook.
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reagan senior high school picture


Ronald Reagan high school senior picture.  Above are the senior pictures from the 1928 Dixonian. Note the typo that lists his name as Donald Reagan rather than Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan's boyhood home in Dixon, IL has been preserved. See pictures ->>>


1928 Dixon High School seniors shown above are:

Dorothy Randall -------- Ronald Reagan
Margaret Rees ---------- Helene Reynolds
Raymond Riddlebauer - Hazel Ringler



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Are you Worthy?

What would you sacrifice to save your country? Your honor?

My friends,
Come with me to France, to the time of the musketeers, when honor is everything. Meet the musketeers. Laugh with them; ride with them, fight for your life with them. Weep with them. It's 1638. You are there. France does not suspect the evil forces working within to shatter the tranquility, to split the spoils for evil's own gain.

But this is no ordinary story, as circumstances conspire to plunge the young lady, master fencer into the fateful position of saving France from the traitor. She cannot do it alone, but she will be a part of the battle. Feel the emotions of the musketeers as they are swept up in this battle. Can they accept a woman as an equal? Can they protect her. Should they protect her. Do they care? Be careful, as you cannot stop once you begin. Fate has spoken.

Join the adventure and find out. Are you worthy? ->>>


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My grandfather, Clinton Ortgiesen, was a friend of Ronald Reagan in high school in Dixon, IL. We have the high school "Dixonian" yearbook which Ronald Reagan signed.

See picture of my grandfather Clinton G. Ortgiesen and my grandmother Mildred (Deadmond) Ortgiesen ->>>

Note that Reagan signed the picture Dutch to Hayseed. Reagan's nickname was Dutch. His mother gave him the haircut from the Dutch Boy pictures on the paint cans, and the nick name stuck. My grandfather was a farm boy, and thus the name 'Hayseed.'

What a place for a typo! Note that the text lists his name as Donald Reagan, rather than Ronald Reagan.

Donald Reagan
"Life is just one grand sweet song, so start the music."

Pres. N. S Student body 4; Pres. 2; Play 3, 4;Dram. Club 3, 4, Pres. 4; Fresh-Soph. Drama Club 1, 2, Pres. 2; Football 3, 4; Annual Staff; Hi-Y 3,4, Vice-Pres. 4; Art. 1, 2; Lit. Contest 2; Track 2 3.

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  • "Best stories and best written books I have read in several years."
    Mark Myers - storyteller - Ohio
  • "Kat's really good at creating characters you care about almost instantly." - Hillary Campbell
  • "Absolutely loved it! Your books are some of the most well-written that I have read. Your ability to maintain complex plots and provide a true flavor of Europe is amazing. Your character development is outstanding." - Linda Lipsitt
  • "I enjoyed it so much I read it twice." - Joe Sinnapan
  • "What a compelling story."
    Dave Keeler
  • "The stories are movie-material in my opinion, and that is a compliment.' - Michiel Brongers
  • Selected by Las Vegas Green Valley High School for 2006 Reading Incentive Program

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