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Cover of For Honor features Langeais Chateau/castle in France. Cover of Gambit features Azay le Rideau and Chambord castles. Covers of Righting Time and Out of Phase feature the Louvre glass pyramid in Paris. These make great books to take with you on your trip/vacation to France.



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$15.99 (list price = $20.95) Out of Phase: A Time Traveler's Chronicle
Book Four
437 pages
ISBN 07414-5060-7 NEW BOOK

Why would desperate people sacrifice almost everything that was dear to them and travel over 800 years into the past to seventeenth-century France in hopes of saving their future? They thought they had a great plan to manipulate people and events in the past, but it failed. And, now, someone else has to pick up the pieces.

Outstanding, modern swashbuckling, science fiction adventure with musketeer swords against aliens and memorable characters making sacrifices to save humanity. Will the time travelersí extraordinary powers be enough to defeat the aliens who apparently followed them back in time, or can Laurel and the musketeers step up to save the human race?
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$13.99 (List = $17.95) Righting Time
Book Three 339 pages ISBN 07414-4041-5

What would you do if you were a time traveler and you made a terrible mistake?

What if that mistake is destroying your own history and your only hope is to convince 17th-century musketeers to travel forward in time and set events right? Modern swashbuckling adventure with time travel, memorable heroes, villains, and extraordinary powers.
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$12.99 (List = $16.95) Gambit for Love of a Queen
Book Two 304 pages ISBN 0-7414-2693-5

It's 1639. There is absolutely no doubt in Laurel's mind ---Laurel, the secret leader of France's spy network---that King Louis XIII would plunge France into another devastating war if he learns Queen Anne has been kidnapped.

Fight alongside the musketeers and Laurel, and find the queen, and get her out, at all cost, and what costs. God may save the queen. But who will save the heroes? Historical fiction.
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$12.99 (List = $17.95) For Honor: An Adventure of What Might Have Been
Book One 278 pages
ISBN 0-7414-2057-0

Imagine yourself in France, in the time of the musketeers, when honor defines who you are. It is 1638. It is a time of intrigue and violence.

France does not suspect the diabolical forces scheming to overthrow and split Europe between Richelieu and the king of England. Nor does young Lady Laurel, a master fencer, suspect she might be plunged into the perilous position of saving France from a highly placed traitor when her father’s work—as a talented and powerful spy for France––follows him home.
Meet the musketeers as they race against time to save France and their king, and to come to terms with the lady musketeer who insinuates herself into their tight-knit group. Historical fiction.
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Books by author Kat Jaske, an English and French Teacher in Las Vegas, Green Valley High School.


For Honor has earned five-star reviews.

These are great fiction books with outstanding characters, people you will come to know and love.

Take these books with you on your tour or vacation to Paris, the Loire Valley, and all of France. See the castles Langeais, Azay le Rideau, Chambord, and the Louvre in real life and then enjoy them on these book covers.