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Righting Time
Book Three of BY HONOR BOUND
by Kat Jaske

A terrible mistake by time travelers is destroying their history.

Can they convince the musketeers of seventeenth-century France to travel forward in time and help them capture the displaced villain?

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gambit bookGambit
For Love of a Queen

Book two of BY HONOR BOUND
by Kat Jaske

You are the leader of France's spy network, but your boss refuses to let you get involved in any cases that might be dangerous, just because you are a woman, a marquise, and the daughter of the best spy France has ever had.

Fellow Travelers,
It’s 1639 in the time of King Louis XIII of France. He is a weak leader with no love for his wife, Queen Anne. Only saving face and saving honor matter. Remaining in power is paramount, always. There is absolutely no doubt in Laurel’s mind ---Laurel, the secret leader of France’s spy network---that he would plunge France into another devastating war when he learns Anne has been kidnapped.
Hear the clash of swords. Feel the pain of their thrusts. Fight alongside the musketeers and Laurel, and find the queen, and get her out, at all cost, and what costs. God save the queen. But who will save the heroes?

Selected excerpts from the book, Gambit, are on this page.


Aramis frowned. Laurel. He should have known that Laurel would never send a messenger, not if she really wanted to get in touch with him.

Brusquely, he nodded and escorted her to a room where they would be out of sight of the servants so he could speak with her. “I understand there is a matter of some urgency that you needed to talk to me about,” he said, without a noticeable change of inflection.

Don’t be so pompous and condescending, Aramis,” she retorted and stalled his rebuttal. There was no time for another argument between them. “The matter is of international importance. If it is not resolved, France could become embroiled in another devastating, drawn-out war, and it could prompt an internal revolt. The Prussians have kidnapped Anne d’Autriche.”


Aramis pushed the door open with his shoulder and entered the threshold. “Greetings, Mademoiselle Laurel,” he said and unsheathed her sword, tossing it to her without ceremony. She caught it deftly in her left hand and raced for the open door. “Just a suggestion. Try the right-handed approach first, then switch to your left hand. It will give you a greater element of surprise.” The marquise nodded, switched hands, and stepped over the bodies and into the hallway. . . .


The woman shook her head. “I will slow you down too much. You’ve got to find Laurel, Athos, and Porthos. Go on ahead. Bring them back here. Please. Please,” she pleaded.

“And how will you defend yourself?” Aramis pressed.

The woman shifted and pulled the pistol from her waistband. She cocked and primed it.

“I am still well enough to shoot,” she replied.

Aramis grabbed his sword and stood. Porthos’ sister was far more courageous and self-sufficient than he ever would have suspected. “I’ll be back as quickly as I can. Try to stay out of sight.”

The musketeer dashed off down the corridor, Yvette watching, holding tight to the gun as if it were her lifeline. “God, please, let Aramis come back soon.” She was not brave enough for this. Already shock was setting in, and she felt ready to burst into tears. She would have called Aramis back, but he was already gone. . . .



Laurel looked straight at Athos, refusing to be the first to lower her eyes. So their eyes remained locked as she spoke. “Let me try to send a message to Königsberg with one of the soldiers who is going to see Prinz Frederick William. I promise you I will say nothing to compromise our safety, and if David is there, he’ll be the only one who would understand the reference and respond accordingly. I do assure you that it can be done.”

“How would you expect to pull this off?” Athos asked, not rejecting the plan outright as he might have months ago. Laurel’s notions weren’t always so far-fetched and often were well conceived and thought out, he had to admit.

Green Valley High School in Henderson, NV (Las Vegas) selected For Honor as the featured book for the 2006 Reading Incentive Program in the school.

"What a compelling story" - Dave Keeler

ruins near foix francePrologue - Excerpt

April 1639

The merest hint of spring rippled in the breeze as the sun struggled to emerge from behind the voluminous layers of white clouds, shining down on the bleak, sickly, green and brown landscape. . . .
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Excerpt from chapter one

The marquise de Langeac cursed in what could best be described as a most unladylike fashion as she dabbed the nib of the quill in the inkwell. . . .
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Excerpt from chapter two

The man remained crouching completely concealed behind the trees, unmoving, waiting with patience until the musketeers and their injured companion had disappeared. . . .
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She was off to find three musketeers in a tremendously short period of time. Oh, fate must be getting a fine laugh at her, she couldn’t help thinking as she hurried about her task, but at least she finally had the opportunity to do something worthwhile, and Compton couldn’t exclude her this time, no matter how he itched to do just that.


All day. All day it’d been raining. Slow, steady, like the sky was crying and would never cease its mourning. The constant, methodic patter of the droplets against the roof was almost unnoticeable to Friedrich now, except that the infernal rain had abruptly put an end to his plans to travel to see the prince, Frederick William.


Sword fighting and fencing scenes in the book. Read about 17th-century France fencing methods.