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Author Kat Jaske is a fencer in Las Vegas and was in a fencing club for two years in France. She teaches French in Green Valley High School.

It’s 1639 and Louis XIII ostensibly rules France. There is absolutely no doubt in Laurel’s mind—Laurel, the secret leader of France’s spy network—that he would plunge France into another devastating war if he learns Queen Anne has been kidnapped.

Hear the clash of swords. Feel the pain of their thrusts. Fight alongside the musketeers and Laurel, and find the queen; then get her out, whatever it takes and no matter the cost. God may save the queen, but who will save the heroes?

For Honor: An Adventure of What Might Have Been—Picture yourself in France in the time of the musketeers, when your honor defines who you are. Meet the musketeers. Laugh with them; ride with them; fight for your life with them. Weep with them. Welcome to 1638. Put yourself there. Circumstances conspire to plunge the young lady, a master fencer, into the fateful position of saving France from the traitor. Read more>>>

Righting Time—What would you do if you were a time traveler and you made a terrible mistake? What if that mistake is destroying your own history and your only hope is to convince 17th-century musketeers to travel forward in time and set events right? Read more>>>


My editor recommends this book. In case you get wounded during a fencing match, you might want to learn some great ideas for enhancing your health and beauty through articles posted at Lois Stern's website.


sword in the louvre in franceIdentify this Mystery Sword

I took this picture to the left in the Louvre in France. If you can identify this sword, put it in your email below and I'll also post it with your comments. Maybe, tell how you figured it out.

A few people below have identified the sword. Can you???


Here are the top ten swords of all time:

See your votes further below. Scroll down.

  1. Durendal: According to legend, I belonged to Roland, the paladin of Charlemagne, and once was the sword of Hector of Troy. The Song of Roland says that my hilt has a tooth of Saint Peter, the blood of Saint Basil, hair of Saint Denis, and a piece of the Virgin Mary’s clothing. Roland tried to destroy me to prevent me from being captured by the ambushing Saracens and created La Brèche de Roland in the Pyrenees. Because I am indestructible, Roland hurled me into a poisoned stream. Local folklore claims I still exist, preserved in Rocamadour, France. See picture ->>>

  2. Excalibur: I am one of the greatest and best-known swords of all time because of the stories, so many stories. The legends of my forging are beyond counting. My scabbard and I were often imputed to have mystical or magical powers. Some say the Lady of the Lake gave me to the great King Arthur. Others claim Arthur pulled me from a stone to claim the kingship of Britain. Many claim I was returned to the Lady of the Lake after Arthur fell in battle. See picture ->>>

  3. Light Saber: I am the treasured weapon wielded by Jedi and Sith a like. It takes a person of skill to wield me well. Although I was used in a galaxy, long-long ago and far-far away, I am still remembered and admired today. See picture ->>>

  4. Celtic Long Sword: I am so beautiful that many consider me to be a true work of art. The Roman cavalry sword is based on my design. I was also one of the most treasured weapons of mercenaries in the Carthaginian armies. Usually nobles or chieftains wielded me. See picture ->>>

  5. Narsil: I am the best-known sword from the Lord of the Rings. I was the sword of King Elendil. Even though broken, I was used used by Elendil’s son, Isuldur, to sever the One Ring from Sauron’s hand. See picture ->>>

  6. Katana: I am the greatest of long-bladed swords, exquisite and curved. I have a sacred bond with the Samurai who wields me. No unworthy hand may wield me. See picture ->>>

  7. Claymore: I am a two-handed sword for a powerful, strong, and fierce warrior especially those from the ancient Scottish highlands. I am not a sword to be brandished by the cowardly or those without pride. See picture ->>>

  8. Saber: I have a single edge and a slightly curved blade. I am the preferred sword of the cavalry in the 18th and 19th centuries. I can seriously injure infantry when wielded by my master on horseback. See picture ->>>

  9. Toledo Steel Sword: I am a sword forged from the most extraordinary steel in the known world. The hardness of my steel makes me an extraordinary weapon in the hands of a skilled warrior. All peoples from Carthage to Rome to Europe sought after me. See picture ->>>

  10. Gladius: I am the magnificently simple sword used by a Roman Legionnaire. I am only about 600-mm long but have a strong, sharp point for stabbing. I am wide with a double edge. My comrades and I helped sustain the legendary power and glory of the Roman Empire. See picture ->>>

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Sword No. 1: Sword No. 6:

Sword No. 2: Sword No. 7:

Sword No. 3: Sword No. 8:

Sword No. 4: Sword No. 9:

Sword No. 5: Sword No. 10:

My Name:



Below are your votes:
Check back as I get more posted

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sword1: sword and sorcerer sword
sword2: alexander the great's falcata
sword3: jade destiny wrought of iron
sword4: damascus sword
sword5: achilles sword
sword6: prince nuada's sword
sword7: sword of robin hood
sword8: 300 spartan scimitar
sword9: pathfinder's viking sword
sword10: leafblade
comments: Nice but what about these swords?
From timejacker


A Viking Sword would make a great addition to anyone s medieval replica swords collection. The reason for is the Vikings people made a massive impact on the medieval war. So if you're trying to build a replica swords collection or improving your old one, the Viking swords would be perfect for you. You can get yours today at http://www.replicaswordsource.com.

From Clifton W.

2/03/09 sword1: excalibur
sword2: celtic long sword
sword3: durendal
sword4: gladius

Swords are powerful, and amazing yet deadly all in one.

From Kathryn M.

10/4/08 (I obscured some of the answer below so as not to give away the secrets. Good job! Later, I will post the full correct answers. Don't want to spoil the fun too soon.)
"I took a picture just like yours earlier this year. This is allegedly "Joyeux," or "Joyeuse," or "Joyful," the sword of X. Questions surround the design and ornamentation of this sword, so historians aren't sure if this is the original, or a later copy. It was used in the coronation of French kings until it's retirement into the X. More info can be found here:
From Albert H.


Nice blog, thanks
From W.

1/28/08 7:03am
sword1: Katana
sword2: Excalibur
sword3: Light Saber
sword4: Claymore
sword5: Gladius
sword6: Durendal
sword7: Celtic Long Sword
sword8: Toledo Steel Sword
sword9: Narsil
sword10: Saber
Ron K.


1/24/08 23:31pm
sword1: Durendal
sword2: Excalibur
sword3: Gladius
sword4: Celtic Long Sword
sword5: Claymore
sword6: Toledo Steel Sword
sword7: Katana
sword8: Saber
sword9: Narsil
sword10: Light Saber
comments: I truly believe the curved scimitar should be included (you can leave the light saber out). This was great fun...The sword above is . . . Good job on the mystery sword!

1/20/08 19:20pm sword1: Gladius
sword2: Saber
sword3: Toledo steel sword
sword4: claymore
sword5: Katana
sword6: Excalibur
sword7: Narsil
sword8: Durendal
sword9: light saber
sword10: Celtic long sword

Comments: As an historian, I would have ranked the iron-bladed Celtic
short-sword number one; the gladius, two; the scimitar, three. The only
Celtic long-sword of note was the Claymore. I used here claymore in the
rating to refer to any two-handed steel sword (the claymore was of little
importance because it reached its peak in Scotland the same time as cannon
became popular)
Scott C.

1/18/07 16:13 sword1: Light Saber
sword2: Excaliber
sword3: Master Sword (Legend of Zelda)


1/14/2008 12:46pm. sword1: katana
sword2: claymore
sword3: gladius
sword4: celtic long sword
sword5: saber
sword6: light saber
sword7: excalibur
sword8: toledo steel
sword9: durendal
sword10: narsil
comments: hello, met your parents at a company party. they are most proud of you. told them i would answer your challenge. one of the more well known blades in the world, . . .(I won't reveal his answer to the mystery sword yet. Good job.)


1/12/08 15:31. The inclusion of fictional weapons in this list invalidates the whole thing, in my opinion.
Christopher T.

1/9/08 9:21pm. sword1: Durendal
sword2: Excalibur
sword3: Claymore
sword4: Gladius
sword5: Sabre
comments: I agree that Durendal is number 1 because of the Song of Roland's historical significance. I agree with David that you should put the fantasy swords in a separate category from the real ones. How about including "Callandor," the crystal sword that only the Dragon Reborn can wield in Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series?

1/8/08 8:32pm. I think the rating should be on which swords people have heard about the most. Excalibur should be number 1. There are so many stories about this sword. The light sabre should be number 10 because it doesn't look like a real sword. Looks like Antek below has it right.

1/7/08 7:55am. comments: How about having more real swords represented. Although the fictional ones are fun, why not get a different category for "greatest fictional swords of all time" which should include Beowulf's sword, Hrunting. For "greatest swords of all time" I would love to see the scimitar in the list.

1/6/08 11:48pm. sword1: Spanish cup hilt Rapier, Dutch version
sword2: Katana
James T.

1/6/08 10:46pm. sword1: Excalibur
sword2: Narsil
sword3: Katana
sword4: Durendal
sword5: sabre
sword6: claymore
sword7: Toledo
sword8: Gladius
sword9: Celtic
sword10: Light sabre

1/6/08 7:12am. I was delighted to find your email this morning and visit your site. I wish
you great success on your writing. I'm preparing a couple of my novels for publishing,
too, and I found your information on that very helpful.
How did you manage to over-look the sword of El Cid?? :)

1/6/08 -1:47am. I liked you website a lot! We'll pass it along. Best of luck to you.