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Author Kat Jaske

National award-winning author

Righting Time Book Three of By Honor Bound
by Kat Jaske

What would you do if you were a time traveler and you made a terrible mistake?

What if that mistake is destroying your own history and your only hope is to convince 17th-century musketeers to travel forward in time and clean up the disaster you created?
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  • "Some of best stories and best written books I have read in several years."
    Mark Myers - storyteller - Ohio

  • Selected by Las Vegas Green Valley High School for 2006 Reading Incentive Program

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Historical fiction adventure book

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For Honor by Kat Jaske

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Can one woman save a country?
Can she do it as a lady musketeer and fencer in 17th-century France, AND can she and the musketeers grant a hero's final wish?

National award-winning author

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*****Five-star reviewed book.

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Kat Jaske

a dark and stormy knight book cover

A Dark and Stormy Knight

Fiction book

A Dark and Stormy Knight
by John D. Wolf

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Enjoy elements of secret agents and medieval romance, a time-traveling knight dispatched to adjust history before it skews.

Orphan Records - Surviving the future with cyber savvy.

By John D. Wolf.

john d wolf picture

John D. Wolf

orphan records book cover

Orphan Records

Gambit by Kat Jaske
Fiction Adventure

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Gambit for Love of a Queen
by Kat Jaske
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What if Queen Anne of 17th-century France has been kidnapped and Laurel and the musketeers attempt a rescue mission without telling King Louis XIII? And what happens to Laurel, the musketeers and France if they fail?

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For Honor and Gambit

Best stories and writing in several years - Mark Myers

the indaba tree odyssey book

The Indaba Tree Odyssey by Amma Jill - Teen fiction adventure fantasy

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What will save the day? Ancient Tribal Magic, or cold Western logic? Adventures abound when three youngsters embark on a thrilling and dangerous journey of discovery deep into the very heart and soul of Africa!

So, I gather it’s more than just a simple kids’ adventure story set in Africa?
Well, it’s always challenging trying to impart wisdom to kids. They can sniff out a sermon a mile away! It’s much more palatable coming from an ancient medicine woman or a master shaman.

What does the word ‘Indaba’ mean?
It means "meeting" or "meeting place."
Most African villages have an Indaba Tree, which is comparable to a town hall, where all important meetings take place.

lead your way to better healthcare book

Healthcare book
non fiction

margo corbett pictureLead Your Way to Better Health Care: Help Your Doctors Help You
by Margo Corbett

The quality of story you tell and how you tell it can make the difference between life and death. You can save time, money and your life.

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By Krishna Kumar and Jai Robert Kumar

krishna kumar book

Fiction book
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The Redhead from Alpha Centauri
by Krishna Kumar

Will Shanti, the E.T., escape the assassins of the Planet Preservation Society? Will she choose the love of Moq, the heir to a Canadian billionaire, or of Kris, the American Astronomer?

beyond the cold book

Beyond the Cold by Michael Kleiner

Travel memoir book

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As an 11-year old, Michael Kleiner spent 1969-70 in Norway with his family, attended a Norwegian school, learned about the culture, the language and enjoyed unique experiences. The book is unique because it is told through a child’s eyes and memories and an adult’s perspective. The book is written with warmth, sensitivity, humor, caring and insight. Michael discovered the value of multiculturalism, a “second home and family” in Norway – a country that is more than cold weather.

Michael Kleinger operates his own public relations and web site design business focusing on authors and small businesses. In 2003, Kleiner received the Home-Based Business Advocate Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Region III (PA, DE, MD, VA, WV, DC).

michael kleiner picture

Michael Kleiner

shadow walkers book

Fiction book


Shadow Walkers by R. Terry McNally

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The Perfect Steel Trap Harpers Ferry 1859 by Bob O'Connor
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About the John Brown raid, trial, execution, and the raiders who got away. John Brown wanted to free the slaves. The book has been named a finalist in the 2006 Best Book Awards.

the perfect steel trap book

Historical fiction

bob oconnor pictureBob O'Connor

talk radio for authors book

Non fiction

Talk Radio for Authors by Francine Silverman
Designed to simplify the process of matching the guest with the show’s specialties and to provide an intimate look at each program.
Talk Radio for Authors by Francine Silverman
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Book Marketing From A-Z by Francine Silverman

Contains the best promotional strategies of more than 300 subscribers to "Book Promotion Newsletter."

book marketing from a to z book

Non fiction - book marketing

francine silverman

Francine Silverman

stop when you see red book

Non fiction - self help

Stop When You See Red by Carol Wesh

Your actions or reactions are influenced by your perceptual styles: Audio, Feeler, Visual, Wholistic

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carol welsh picture

Carol Welsh


enjoy often book


Enjoy Often by John Harnish

This is a collection of 30 short stories, odes, essays, and ramblings that are a reflection of some of the forgotten joys that might have been lost in the sands of time during our endless quest for the good life. Several pieces will delightfully stretch your mind into a marvelous place of pondering your potential for enjoying more often.

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Author John Harnish


john harnish picture

Infinity Publishing’s first Author’s Advocate

sex lies and cosmetic surgery book

Non fiction - self help

Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery
by Lois W. Stern

Cosmetic Surgery can enhance your sex life as well as your appearance! But despite all the hoopla, it's not for everyone. Use this book of how-to's and anecdotals to help you decide, Is it for me? What can I expect? How do I choose? Will I be happier?
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lois w stern picture

Lois W. Stern

See Stern's website for her first writing experience at age 4 and a half ->>>

During her twenty-plus years as an educator, Lois W. Stern took an active role in her field as a frequent presenter at state and national educational conferences.

firmament book

Firmament by John Ackerman
Science/ earth science

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john ackerman pictureThe recent 3,000 year period of solar system chaos revealed in Firmament implies that the planets involved are profoundly different from what is currently believed based on the notion that they have been in their current orbits for billions of years. We claim that most planetary orbits and features observed today are a direct result of cosmic interactions which occurred within the last 6,000 years. Buy PDF from author ->>>


John Ackerman is a physicist who has spent 35 years in the fields of lasers, airborne natural resource mapping and reconnaissance satellites. His books discuss science, myth and religious stories.

chaos book

Chaos by John Ackerman

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sweet heavenly daze book

Fiction - spiritual - humor

Sweet Heavenly Daze by John Earp

This is a lighthearted, witty, profound, and poignant glimpse at religion that is a little different from popular faith. It is a book for those who know their place in heaven is assured, and more importantly, it is for those who fear they may have already lost their chance to take a seat with the heavenly host.

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john earp

John Earp

A pastor for 23 years, he served two parishes in Florida and two in North Carolina.

saving grace book

Spiritual love story

Saving Grace by Phylliss-Terri Gold

A spiritual love story that includes eleven spiritual Discourses based on authentic eastern Indian Truths from yoga that offer readers a new and better way of life. These Discourses are interspersed within an engaging romantic novel which touches on just about every important life area.

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phylliss terri gold picture

Phylliss-Terri Gold
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To quote Dr. Cheng Ho, the wise teacher in my novel, Saving Grace: A Spiritual Love Story, "The majority has never been right about anything!"

surviving the american diet book

Healthy diet book

Surviving the American Diet by Miles Denney

The typical American diet is filled with addictive garbage being sold using great advertising that appeals to the same pleasure seeking impulse that placed tobacco users at risk. Here is a life- preserving perspective based on more than 35 years of research by the author to correct your normal diet before trying to lose weight.

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With over 30 years of experience in behavioral science and healthy living Miles Denney introduces a revolutionary way of dieting based on applied cognitive psychology.

miles denney

Miles Denney

the phoenix heart book

Non fiction- medical history

The Phoenix Heart by Cy Vaughn

Two renowned heart surgeons race to develop the artificial heart. One for the benefit of mankind, the other for Das Adlerherzorden (Order of the Eagle Heart), a syndicate linked to ex-Nazis: purveyors of human organs and art looted during WWII.
Dr. Cy Vaughn was the first surgeon in the world to implant an artificial heart as treatment for heart transplant rejection.

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dr cy vaughn picture

Dr. Cy Vaughn

His use of the unapproved Phoenix Heart in 1985 ignited a global firestorm of ethical controversy that was chronicled in the national and international press.

history lessons book

African American heritage


History Lessons by Aaron Day

The Heritage of African Americans In Long Beach - The essay “History lessons” was written about three years after the author began researching his father’s family history. In particular, he felt the younger generations should know about their ancestors, and the important roles they played in helping to build our nation. Unlike his first book, which is a genealogy/reference guide, “History Lessons” includes essays, poems, and short stories about ethical questions, moral dilemmas, history, and special people.

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Aaron L. Day is a Genealogist/Family Historian, Author, TV Host, and Lecturer.

History Lessons is dedicated to his grandchildren. He wanted to let his relatives know about the importance of their family history.

aaron l day picture

Aaron L. Day

rainy day people book

Rainy Day People by Susan Haley

Fiction book

Rainy Day People by Susan Haley

Widowed early, Amber is content, maybe complacent, in solitude. Soothed by a quirky affinity with Nature, and a trust in a larger purpose, she also has a reckless, belligerent side. Ben is an airline pilot turned successful writer caught up in the glitz of L.A. and its pitfalls at the cost of family, health, and direction. They meet by chance (or was it?) and embark on a journey neither was seeking, or prepared for, culminating in an edge-of-the-seat ending that leaves the reader stunned.

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susan haley

Susan Haley
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Rainy Day People This is a story of struggle and resilience. It’s rooted in truth and woven into a fresh fictional tapestry that embraces all the ageless qualities and maladies innate in the human psyche.

forty cars that owned me book

Memoirs - unique cars

Forty Cars That Owned Me by Patrick Nowak

This book is a collection of "war stories" about forty unique cars including an Aston Martin DB-5, three vintage Jaguars, road racing cars, Pro Rally cars, most of the domestic brands, and the author's all time favorite, a 1962 Triumph TR-3B roadster.

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Nowak drove forty thousand miles per year, pretty much using up a car every two years.

patrick nowak picture

Patrick Nowak

breathe better live in wellness book

Self help- lung disease- breathing

Breathe Better, Live in Wellness: Winning Your Battle of Shortness of Breath by Jane Martin 

There is finally a book devoted to providing help -- and hope for people living with lung disease! In Breathe Better, Live in Wellness you'll find stories of ordinary people with extraordinary and inspiring wisdom, humor, and courage -- not only surviving, but thriving in spite of limitations brought on by shortness of breath.

jane martin picture

Jane Martin

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A respiratory therapist with over twenty-five years of experience, Jane founded and coordinates Pulmonary Rehabilitation and support programs in Holland, Michigan (USA). 

an enchanting journey book

An Enchanting Journey by Joseph Callewaert - travel
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Bear Hollow by Rod Cochran - fiction
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bear hollow book

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