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Picture yourself in France in the time of the musketeers, when your honor is who you are. Meet the musketeers. Laugh with them; ride with them; fight for your life with them. Weep with them. It's 1638. Circumstances conspire to plunge the young lady, a master fencer, into the fateful position of saving France from the traitor.

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Gambit ->>>
Righting Time ->>>
Out of Phase ->>>
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kat jaske

National award winning author of
For Honor: An Adventure of What Might Have Been

Righting Time
Book Three of BY HONOR BOUND
by Kat Jaske

What would you do if you were a time traveler and you made a terrible mistake?

What if that mistake is destroying your own history and your only hope is to convince 17th-century musketeers to travel forward in time and set events right?

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picture of donna jaske etcTo left is picture of authors Joseph Callewaert, Rod Cochran, and Donna Jaske - Kat Jaske's mother. Click picture for larger image.




Author/Book Sites

nothingbinding sitewww.nothingbinding is a great site for authors and readers looking for good books.


author nation site

Author nation, another great author site 


Infinity Authors - Infinite Talent

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Buy 5 or more books, any titles, from Infinity and get 40% off, plus reduced or no shipping cost.

infinity publishing site

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book cover bear hollow**book cover an enchanting journey**book cover redhead from alpha centauri**book cover shadow walker** **** * *

book cover of beyond the cold**book cover harpers ferry****

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See www.infinitypublishing.com ->>>

- Bear Hollow by Rod Cochran
- An Enchanting Journey
by Joseph Callewaert
- The Redhead from Alpha Centauri
by Krishna Kumar and Jai - Robert Kumar
- Shadow Walkers
by R. Terry Mc Anally
- Gambit For Love of a Queen
by Kat Jaske
- For Honor: An Adventure of What Might Have Been
by Kat Jaske
- Righting Time
by Kat Jaske - new June 2007
- Orphan Records
by John D. Wolf
- A Dark and Stormy Knight
by John D. Wolf
- Beyond the Cold
by Michael Kleiner
- The Perfect Steel Trap Harpers Ferry 1859
by Bob O'Connor
- The Indaba Tree Odyssey
by Amma Jill
- Lead Your Way to Better Health
care by Margo Corbett
- Talk Radio for Authors by Francine Silverman
Stop When You see Red by Carol Welsh

Miscellaneous links

Paintsites.com ->>> has Dutch Boy paint links. President Ronald Reagan's nickname "Dutch" came from the picture on the Dutch Boy paint can, says author Kat Jaske. ->>>

Bed and Breakfast Inn-Town - Nice place an hour southwest of Chicago. Tom is a published poet, and Kathy cooks great food. Perhaps he will do some readings for you.

fitness4service - Neat engineering site. They can do testing to make sure metal parts and containers don't break in use. They could have tested the swords from the 17th century musketeers if they were in business then.

President Ronald Wilson Reagan tribute- pictures from high school yearbook and from 6/9/2004 State Funeral

Wake Forest University in NC - my alma mater

Author web sites. Check these out. There are lots of great books by these authors.

Marion Zimmer Bradley

Kristen Britain

Orson Scott Card His Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow are among the best science fiction books.

Deborah Chester

Dawn Cook

Dave Duncan

David and Leigh Eddings

Kate Elliott

Raymond E. Feist

C.S. Friedman

Robert Jordan

Mindy Klasky

Katherine Kurtz

C.S. Lewis

Anne McCaffrey

Melanie Rawn

Kristine Katherine Rusch

Sharon Shinn

J.R.R. Tolkien

Margaret Weis

Tad Williams

Star Wars Website


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christianbookpreviews.com ->>>

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Fencing Links

The Dublin Sport Fencing Center

In Dublin, OH
Director Samuel N. Lillard.
Group beginning classes for all ages available. Other classes available.

Become a member. www.sport-fencing.com


fencingphotos.com link


Fencingphotos.com has great fencing photos ->>>

Royal Arts Fencing Academy and Julia Richey, in New Albany, Ohio, near Columbus, Ohio offers fencing instructions for all ages ->>>


Local author links

Columbus and Upper Arlington area

book cover chalking it upStephanie Bavaro, Chalking it up ->>>

Satire on working in the corporate environment


Downtown Writers Network - Columbus, resource for writers in central Ohio.->>>

Mark Myers, storyteller->>>
Mark the Storyteller is the entertainer for your group. With years of experience as a professional storyteller, Mark can fire-up imaginations like few others in the central Ohio area.


Google search


www forhonor.com


Reviews <<<more reviews ->>>

  • "Best stories and best written books I have read in several years."
    Mark Myers - storyteller - Ohio
  • "Kat's really good at creating characters you care about almost instantly." - Hillary Campbell
  • "Absolutely loved it! Your books are some of the most well-written that I have read. Your ability to maintain complex plots and provide a true flavor of Europe is amazing. Your character development is outstanding." - Linda Lipsitt
  • "I enjoyed it so much I read it twice." - Joe Sinnapan
  • "What a compelling story."
    Dave Keeler
  • "The stories are movie-material in my opinion, and that is a compliment.' - Michiel Brongers
  • Selected by Las Vegas Green Valley High School for 2006 Reading Incentive Program

More reviews ->>>