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Excerpts From For Honor Section 2

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"Best stories and best-written books I have read in several years." Mark Myers - storyteler - Ohio

kat jaske

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For Honor


by Kat Jaske


Can one woman save a country? Can she do it as a lady musketeer and fencer in 17th-century France, and can she and the musketeers grant a hero's final wish?


Section Two Excerpts

Laurel took several stealthy steps and peered around the corner to see the shadowy silhouette of three men. One turned to glance back, and she pressed herself against the wall, biting her lip to prevent a loud intake of air that would reveal her presence.

When she was sure that the men were once again focused on entering the inn, she fumbled inside her vest and extracted the small pistol that had once belonged to her mother. Reached inside her cloak again and took out a ball and powderhorn. Carefully, she primed the weapon and set off, without making a sound, in pursuit of the three uninvited visitors. Her mouth fell open dumbly as she saw them lean a ladder against the side of the building and next to the window. That was Athos’ room, wasn’t it?

Laurel awkwardly held the gun in her mouth and sent a quick prayer to the Almighty before she tested her ability, or lack thereof, to scale walls, especially with a gun in her mouth. Beads of sweat trickled down her forehead, and she did not dare flick them away but had to allow them to sting her eyes. Her arms shook under the strain and her mouth trembled. Parbleu, the gun was heavier and bigger than it looked, and she couldn’t afford to lose it and have it go off.

Finally she dropped in through the window of the second story, and snatched the gun from her mouth, panting for breath. Her hands were still shaking as she re-primed the gun and searched for the servants’ entrance to Athos’ room, hoping that he would not have thought to lock it. She had a bad feeling about this. Really bad.

As she opened the servants’ entrance she heard the tell-tale spanning of a wheel lock, and she propelled herself headlong into the chamber, yelling, “Athos,” at the top of her lungs. . . .

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Read various excerpts from For Honor ->>>

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  • "Best stories and best written books I have read in several years."
    Mark Myers - storyteller - Ohio
  • "Kat's really good at creating characters you care about almost instantly." - Hillary Campbell
  • "Absolutely loved it! Your books are some of the most well-written that I have read. Your ability to maintain complex plots and provide a true flavor of Europe is amazing. Your character development is outstanding." - Linda Lipsitt
  • "I enjoyed it so much I read it twice." - Joe Sinnapan
  • "What a compelling story."
    Dave Keeler
  • "The stories are movie-material in my opinion, and that is a compliment.' - Michiel Brongers
  • Selected by Las Vegas Green Valley High School for 2006 Reading Incentive Program

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Righting Time
Book Three of BY HONOR BOUND
by Kat Jaske

What if Jala really is from the future and the fate of her future does depend on convincing Laurel and the 17th-century musketeers of that truth? Read Excerpts ->>>